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There are a variety of levels at which staff at St. Peter’s School can contribute and be involved with our T&L Research and Development:

R&D Steering Group Established to oversee, guide and advise on all aspects of R&D. The group consists of teaching staff, representative of various dimensions of T&L. The Steering Group meet once every half term and also act as ‘R&D Support links’ to…

R&D SUBJECT Reps All subjects will have an R&D Representative – a member of the teaching staff who is a key ‘driver’ of R&D in their subject area.

R&D reaches across all of our T&L community – whether teaching or support staff, students or parents – these are some of the potential ways to be involved:

Contribute online via the comment boxes on this website, alternatively you can forward any relevant new content – text, imagery, video footage, websites etc – to

Attend a T&L workshop these informal 30minute injections of T&L inspiration are on offer to all teaching staff. Forthcoming workshops are announced via email and  staff briefings.

Identify / lead an R&D research project or workshop
If you have a proposal for an R&D research project, or if you would like to lead a specific workshop session then we are very keen to hear from you. This is potentially a great opportunity for professional development and to contribute on a wider scale to the progression of T&L at St. Peter’s School.

2 thoughts on “Get involved

  1. I found this article in the TES (tespro) magazine in November.
    It is a quick read and really sums up the best aspects of AFL. It has specific practical examples for you to carry out and supports the ideas shared by colleagues in the staff meeting last term. I did actually find the article easier to read in the magazine format. I still have this copy if you would like to read it.

  2. Iain Brown on

    Students can engage with learning on their smart devices and tablets. There are lots of apps which are free of charge for apple and android devices. why not promote Edexcel Past Papers for a start. If you want to find out if there are any relating to your subject area or specific topics, email me with a request.