All students travelling to school by bus should be wearing a face covering unless they are medically unable to do so. It is the student’s responsibility to provide these for travel to and from school.



Note from Yellow buses
  • Yellow Buses fares are remaining the same.
  • Please can students use PrePay on the App or contactless payment if at all possible.
  • The No1 Bus, which is a public bus, will be putting on a dedicated extra service for St Peter’s School. The Bus will be labelled as such. Students are welcome to get any No1 Bus, but it would be preferable for them to catch the dedicated service for the school.


Routes that serves St Peter’s School, St Catherine’s Road

Timetable – Yellow Bus Service 85: Bearwood – St Peter’s School




Timetable – Yellow Bus Service 86: Bearwood – St Peter’s School




Timetable – Yellow Bus Service 87: Ensbury Park – St Peter’s School




Timetable – Yellow Bus Service 88: Winton – St Peter’s School




Yellow Bus Service P4: Westbourne – St Peter’s School

Westbourne, County Gates, Bournemouth Square, Boscombe, Ashley Road,  Southbourne, Cross Roads, St Peter’s School (Southbourne).

P4 Return: St Peter’s School (Southbourne), Cross Roads Boscombe, Bus Station (A) Bournemouth Square (Z) Westbourne, County Gates




More Bus Route 769: Corfe Mullen – St Peter’s School

Corfe Mullen (School), Wimborne (Quarterjack Surgery), St John Hill (Church), Wimborne Road (Beaucroft Road), Colehill (Post Office), Middlehill Road/Pilford Heath Road, Canford Bottom (Hayes Lane), Canford Bottom (Fryers Copse), Staplehill (Garden Centre), Ferndown (Pure Drop Inn), Ferndown (Victoria Road), Ringwood Road (Dudsbury Avenue), Glenmoor Road (Shops), New Road (Chapelgate Garage), West Parley (Crossroads), St Catherines Hill (Hurn Road/Marlow Drive), St Peter’s School (Southbourne).

769 Return: St Peter’s School (Southbourne), Christchurch Hospital, St Catherines Hill (Hurn Road/Marlow Drive), West Parley (Crossroads), New Road (Chapelgate Garage), Glenmoor Road (Shops), Ringwood Road (Dudsbury Avenue), Ferndown (Victoria Road), Ferndown (Pure Drop Inn), Staplehill (Garden Centre), Canford Bottom (Fryers Copse), Canford Bottom (Hayes Lane), Middlehill Road/Pilford Heath Road, Colehill (Post Office), Wimborne Road (Beaucroft Road), St John Hill (Church), Wimborne (Quarterjack Surgery), Corfe Mullen (School).



More Bus Route 780: Lymington – St Peter’s School

Lymington (High Street), Pennington Cross, Everton (Bus Shelter), Milford on Sea (Bus Shelter), New Milton (Post Office), New Milton (Whitefield Road), Old Milton (Green), Old Milton (House Martin), Highcliffe (Sea Corner), Hinton Admiral (Carisbrooke Way), Mudeford (The Runway), Mudeford (Beach Approach), Purewell Cross, Sopers Lane (Opposite Twynham School), St Peter’s School (Southbourne).

780 Return: St Peter’s School (Southbourne) Barrack Road (Stour Road Junction) Purewell Cross, Mudeford (Beach Approach), Mudeford (The Runway), Hinton Admiral (Carisbrooke Way), Highcliffe (Sea Corner), Old Milton (House Martin), Old Milton (Green), New Milton (Whitefield Road), New Milton (Post Office), Milford on Sea (Bus Shelter), Everton (Bus Shelter), Pennington Cross, Lymington (High Street).