Twelve of our Pastoral Prefects were chosen to take part in The Diana Award Anti-bullying Ambassador Training at Poole High School with other children and young people from schools across Bournemouth and Poole.

The day began with an introduction to the Diana Award and what it was. We then got to do activities to get to know one another, understand what bullying is and the qualities we need to be an ambassador. Later on we learnt how to talk to someone who comes to us for help – the risk factors and ways we can advise and help our peers. After that, as a group, we began to put together an action plan for our school that includes creating a safe area on our field at lunchtime and making sure we are always available to talk.

Overall the day was very successful and we all hope we will be able to help children who are not only being bullied but are also suffering from other problems inside and outside of St Peter’s.

Maddy Laxton, Pastoral Prefect