First and Second place for St Peter’s at the Rotary Technology Tournament

This was the first time St Peter’s has entered this competition, with numerous schools taking part in the day long exercise from all around the area with teams from KS3, KS4 and KS5.


The challenge involved students working as Engineers in order to solve a real world problem delivered to them on the day of the competition. They were all told that British Railways had contacted them for some assistance with retrieval of some hazardous waste from a train line just outside of Bournemouth. They were tasked with designing a solution to remotely retrieve this hazardous waste using some form of a mobile crane that could lift the waste container and return with it to a designated safe area, carefully lowering it to the ground without causing any spill or damage to it.


Students were shown test rigs and had modelling kits containing a range of softwood and mechanical components from which they would design and test a solution to this problem under strict time constraints and competition rules.


It was an excellent opportunity for students to work as a team, allocating roles and specialisms on a wide range of engineering and design activities. Our students approached the project with fantastic team spirit and level of communication.


After designing a solution, a portfolio of designs had to be submitted for judging and then students entered into a gruelling three hours of manufacture and testing of their concepts.


We were delighted and shocked to receive First and Second places for our KS3 Year 9 teams and be able to hold the trophy aloft. Students involved are keen to participate again in next years challenge and have expressed an interest in exploring Engineering careers in the future.


Mr Laurijssen, Technology Teacher