Health and Social Care News

health and social care 2018 leaversTaking Health and Social Care as a Double A Level has allowed us to get creative; one unit, in particular, enabled us to choose our own research topics. Many students opted to complete their research on a topic that they were passionate about but also something that closely related to the career path they want to go down. This unit of work saw us creating hypotheses, interviewing industry professionals, such as nurses and teachers, and analysing secondary research to prove or disprove our own hypotheses.


There were many interesting topics researched, including; ethnic discrimination in the workplace; reasons behind the lack of male nurses in the UK; how there is a negative relationship between Instagram usage and self-concept and even how the current mental health services do not meet the adequate needs of teenagers. Many hypotheses were proved to be correct and some were disproved, but this unit of work taught us to look deeper into the social issues that affect us personally and realise that there are no easy answers. Most importantly we learnt about the process of research.


We would like to congratulate all the current Year 13 students in the Health and Social Care department for their successful university applications. This year, we have students applying for courses in various fields – ranging from adult nursing, paediatric nursing, primary education, psychology degrees, medicine, physiotherapy, and social work.


Those students taking up a course in the nursing field were required to undergo a selection programme along with a large number of students across the UK. The programme consisted of various activities such as one-to-one interviews, group interviews, maths and literacy tests which involved writing a comprehensive response to an article and MULTIPLE MINI interviews (MMI) which are designed as an opportunity for the students to demonstrate their skills, understanding and insight into the values of nursing. Overall, all students who applied for nursing courses were given conditional offers from either their first or second choice of university.


Nikko Pineda, Romina Candelaria, Carl Olvidado, April Collins and George Antolin, who applied to study adult nursing, were very successful with their interviews and have received conditional offers from the universities of Southampton, Surrey, Bournemouth, Kingston and Kings College, London. In addition, Terence Bersamin and Jasmine Legaspi, who are both aspiring to become Paediatric nurses, were able to secure conditional offers from the universities of Surrey, Brighton and Kingston. There are fewer places for paediatric nursing.


Jade Davies, who has secured a place at Winchester to study Primary Education said:

‘when applying for teaching, the personal statement is extremely important and should reflect plenty of placement experience in order to gain an interview. At the interview you will be with about 30-40 other applicants. Firstly, they all begin with a document check followed by a campus tour. Once that has been completed they will require you to complete a writing task which differs depending on the various universities. For example Brighton based theirs on an article about lowering the age which students started education and asked us to write an essay on our views. Birmingham university chose to show a five minute video of a teacher presenting a lesson to a class of students then they gave us 40 minutes to write an essay on the strengths and weaknesses of the teacher’s performance; Winchester gave us an article about the use of drawing and art in the curriculum and asked us to summarise the main points of the article and add personal experience. A skills test is also required to show, that as a teacher, you have a competent level of English and Maths. These are both essential as you are not even able to take up a university course without passes in these skills tests.’


We would like to congratulate the following students for gaining their university places:

Chloe Emerton – Primary Education at University of Winchester

Lauren Mayes – Primary Education at University of Chichester

Beatriz Higgins – Unconditional offer to study Psychology

Anit Joseph – Physiotherapy at Huddersfield

Kukku George – Medicine at Kings College

Dianne Pachego – Offers from Oxford Brooks and Surrey for Adult nursing

Courtney Knubley – Child nursing at Bournemouth

Millie Pears – gap year followed by adult nursing


Although Health and Social Care is very relevant to students who wish to pursue caring professions, it is also a worthwhile subject for other students, especially given the large coursework element which prepares students for coursework and dissertations at university. Students become competent at researching and referencing and managing their workload. With that in mind we congratulate the following Health and Social Care students who are going on to pursue alternative careers, for their offer of university places.

Oliver Warner – Ancient History and French

Grace Bullard – Degree in musical theatre and professional dance


Many congratulations to all the students in the Health and Social Care department for their successful university applications!


Nikko Pineda, Hannah Thomson and Jasmine Legaspi, Subject Prefects for Health and Social Care