International food builds integration

mccainAs part of our Citizenship GCSE, we felt more cultured, cosmopolitan and adventurous recently after trying some international foods. One of the foods we tried was the McCain ‘fries to go’ which were not up to our standards and we weren’t willing to try again! As a result we decided to write to McCain to give them our feedback on their product. A week later we received a package filled with pens with the name ‘McCain’ on it, this included a letter back with an apology. We were expecting to get something a bit more similar to what we bought, for example ‘vouchers’ to get free chips.


As a class we felt like we were being used for advertisement and not taken seriously to what we were saying. We sent this letter to give them our opinion which we thought would be helpful to them and for us to receive a better quality refund. In my opinion I would not recommend ‘fries to go’ as they had a dry taste and were not enjoyable.


This improved our understanding by putting our views, opinions and consumer rights into action.


Chelsea Ebwea & Chloe Bredda, Year 10