Les Mis School Edition – first night success

The response to our, sell-out opening night of Les Mis School Edition has been phenomenal. The sheer hardwork, determination and talent clearly shone through. We have received some amazing responses from those that went to see last night’s performance… Thank you


“It is a credit to your range of skills that brought out such incredible performances. The audience absolutely loved the show and there was a real buzz. It will be one to look back and remember as a stand out show from the many that have graced the theatre.”


“Always love the school shows and am taken aback by the talent and the production, but last night was on another level. Ridiculous that it was a school production – ridiculously, ridiculously good. Everyone involved should literally be bursting with pride – I felt proud by association, plus it made me cry which I almost never do! It was a privilege to be in the audience last night – thank you.”


“I have to say it was the most amazing production. We left feeling quite emotional and my husband said ‘I know this is bizarre but I actually enjoyed that performance more than the West End.’  It was quite literally unbelievable, so huge congratulations to you all, the cast and the crew. What an amazing talent St Peter’s has. You should all be feeling stupendously proud.”


“Thank you so much for your hard work and effort in putting on your production of Les Mis. We were simply blown away by the production. The vocals were fab, characterisations were great, costumes were awesome and the whole production left me speechless and on my feet for the whole applause section. I simply can’t wait for next year.

ps We did see Little Shop Of Horrors a few years ago and that was really good but this was another level!”