Portsmouth Cathedral trip

A series of student pilgrimages to Portsmouth Cathedral recently took place for all of Year 7. The School chaplains, Maggie and Juliette, led the trip along with some teaching assistants.


Each Wednesday, two Tutor Groups at a time travelled by coach to Portsmouth and were given a tour around the Cathedral, part of which involved answering a quiz about the different chapels, the saints, and the stations of the cross. This was then followed by the students taking part in a special Mass. Some of the students even got to help in the Mass with responsibilities such as reading and assisting the priest.


For many of those who took part in the trip, this was their first real experience of visiting a cathedral and taking part in Mass in that setting.


Everyone enjoyed the chance to do something different from a normal school day, visiting a new place, and of course travelling together with friends on a double decker coach!


Student Reporter, Rosie Shelton, Year 7