Retreat Day

On Wednesday 8BA had their Retreat Day. During this workshop, a representative from CAFOD (Catholic Agency For Overseas Development) came to talk to us about the charity which is there to help those countries that are in need; such places like Syria, where many refugees have fled the country. CAFOD gives help to the LEDC (Low Economically Developed Countries.) This includes countries such as Somalia and Chad.


Throughout the morning we went through the different things refugees would have to do to get out of the horrors of war and we listened to stories which included refugees trying to flee from their country. One of the stories we heard was about a boat which had around 480 refugees on. They were trying to reach Italy but during the night they were surprised by a colossal storm. The fishermen on the nearby island, named Lampedusa, saw this and managed to save around 150 people.


A carpenter from the island collected the driftwood from the wrecked boat and made crosses as a symbol of hope for the refugees. Pope Francis carried one Lampredussa cross to remember the refugees who died.


There were many other activities throughout this session, all of which we did in groups. For example, what to take with you when fleeing your country, where we each played a different member of the family. We went through different obstacles and we had to give up certain items on the way.


To cap off a great morning working together to learn more about the things that go unnoticed in our world, Father Ben came in to give mass. He told us that we can change the world if we have a larger heart and St Peter’s helps us think about the ones around us and not just ourselves. All in all it was a great day for 8BA and we certainly enjoyed our time in the chapel alongside Maggie, the School Chaplain. We have definitely learnt a lot during this time together as a class and as a community.


Student Reporter

Alejandro Russell-Cavaller, Year 8