Safe drive, stay alive

Blood, hysteria, confusion, distress, debris – only a few of the things one witnesses when a car is overturned in front of your very eyes. St Peter’s Sixth form students learnt the consequences of dangerous driving during a car safety talk in November. The talk was led by local Bournemouth police officers, a fireman, paramedic and an 18-year-old wheelchair bound girl. Each bravely took their turn with the lights turned off, spotlight focused on them and recounted their traumatic stories.


The first to recount their shocking story was a police officer, still in practice; with his custodian helmet under an arm to portray his pride for his heroic work. He set the scene for the harrowing story of a drunk driver: it was late, dark and the car sped at 60mph on a 40mph road – one can already tell that this leads to disaster. The dangerously fast car sadly, as inevitable as it is, furiously crashed into the side of the road causing pedestrians to call 999. As we all listened intently to the story, a wave of emotion swept through the theatre. The police officer had to tell the victim’s father that his son had passed away at the scene. Respectively, other stories tugged at the emotions of the students listening. The turns of wheels brought the students’ attention to a young girl, who only two years ago sat in a theatre listening to a car safety talk. She had sadly sustained injuries from a car crash that changed her life entirely. She had to learn how to live again.


This brought a sense of reality to the students. These car crashes aren’t just stories, they are real.


Chelsea & Tina, Year 12