Science Club

After last year’s success, Science Club has continued to intrigue Year 7, who attend weekly lunchtime sessions led by Year 13 students Charlie-Jaynes and myself, Bronson.


The club goes beyond what is being taught in class, focusing on practical work that the lower school would not otherwise have the opportunity to partake in. At the start of each term, a new group of ten students are nominated by their science teachers to take part, if they choose to. The aim is to help increase interest, and therefore attainment, in the field of science.


oobleckThe most recent experiment consisted of making Oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid. It is currently being used to develop bullet-proof vest technology, among many other things. This particular practical has been the students’ favourite so far, being able to hold a substance that defies Newton’s laws, especially since it’s made from basic household items – corn starch and water. Students who have attended the club say they enjoy learning cool new facts every session. Due to a high demand of students wanting to join we have a new group of ten students joining us next term and hope it continues to remain a success.


Bronson Carrasco, Year 13 Biology Prefect & Klaudia Kazaniecka, Year 7