This year in STEM Club the teams have been meeting weekly and working hard to identify some of the poorest countries around the world and some of the issues they may face, with the purpose of creating solutions to solving some of their problems. Ideas include a ‘smart sheet’ that will keep them cool in the day but warm at night, a ferry built from recycled/sustainable materials to help with transport across lakes and a ‘homemade hand sanitiser’ that will help reduce the spread of disease. The hand sanitiser went under scientific testing alongside a well-known branded hand sanitiser and a ‘control’ sample where no sanitiser has been used. Another group took a coconut to the Technology Dept. to gain assistance in opening it and breaking the shell into small pieces. They then carbonised the husk and created an activated carbon filter in the science laboratory.


A fortnight ago five teams presented their projects at Bournemouth University to compete against local schools in the Annual Bournemouth Soroptimist’s STEM Challenge. The two Year 8 teams both qualified for the finals after being judged against twenty other teams. One Year 9 team also passed the heats. Last week the three teams returned to Bournemouth University for an evening of final judging and awards. The girls’ hard work and effort were duly rewarded and the two Year 8 teams placed both First and Runners Up and the Year 9 team also placed Runners Up. A fantastic result! In addition to this all members of all five teams involved have achieved their Bronze or Silver CREST Awards from the British Science Association. Good luck to these students in their future STEM careers and well done again.


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Mr Kenchington, Science Teacher