IMG_0463This year in STEM Club the teams have been meeting weekly and working hard to identify some of the poorest countries around the world and some of the issues they may face, with the purpose of creating solutions to solving some of the problems. Ideas include a ‘smart sheet’ that will keep them cool in the day but warm at night, a ferry built from recycled/sustainable materials to help with transport across lakes and a ‘home-made hand sanitiser’ that will help reduce the spread of disease. The hand sanitiser is currently under scientific testing alongside a well known branded hand sanitiser and a ‘control’ sample where no sanitiser has been used. The team are hoping no bacteria will be present in the agar petri dish where the home-made sanitiser has been used and thus prove their project to be a success!


The teams will take their projects along to Bournemouth University in the Spring to compete against local schools in the Annual Soroptimist’s STEM Challenge. Let’s wish them luck!
Mr Kenchington, KS3 Science Leader