Stewarts Food Science and Nutrition visit

For our food provenance and sustainability topic we visited Stewards Garden Centre in Christchurch. During our visit we had a chance to look around the shop and learn where their products come from, as well as talking to staff, who were very informative. Stewarts are one of the most popular and profitable food outlets in Christchurch. Stewarts support local businesses and sell many products that have been made and produced locally. Some of them have a ‘quality mark’ called the ‘New Forest Marque, for example Dorset Tea and Pauline’s Pantry. After, we went to their self-service café to see how they run their food operations and catering systems. We were then allowed a drink of our choice and were served afternoon tea, which included a selection of sandwiches and a variety of cakes. The cakes were well decorated as Stewarts are known for their sweet treats and pride themselves on their decoration. We also analysed the nutritional value of what we consumed. Overall, we enjoyed our trip, found it very informative and especially enjoyed the afternoon tea and spending time together as a class.


Student Reporters, Lucy Whiting & Jessica Moseley Year 10