The calm after the storm

We were both delighted and relieved for our students when the government announced that the centre assessed grades would be used in place of the algorithm that caused so much anxiety and confusion for A Level students across the country last week, it feels like the calm AFTER the storm.

In the absence of examinations, common sense dictates that teachers were best placed to give realistic predicted grades for the individuals they have taught throughout Key Stage 4.  We had a robust system in place for checking and moderating predictions and so are confident that the grades our students have received are a fair reflection of both their ability and the effort they have applied in each subject.  All of our students have been affected by the pandemic, but I really feel for the Year 11’s and Year 13’s who have missed out on so much more than sitting their GCSEs and A Levels, so receiving the grades they deserve will enable them to follow their chosen pathways and should go some way to making up for their curtailed academic year.

Ben Doyle, Headteacher

St Peter’s Catholic School