Wool4School is an annual student design competition encouraging budding fashion designers to show England what they’re made of. Open to all school students in Sixth Form or equivalent throughout England, the Wool4School competition invites students to design an outfit for their favourite musician to wear on stage, using a minimum 80% Australian Merino wool. The outfit must contain a minimum of one piece with a maximum of four pieces, and in addition also include a wool accessory.


First launched in 2012, Wool4School has gone on to involve more than 40,000 students across Australia and Hong Kong, not only learning the fundamentals of fashion design but also exploring the benefits and versatility of wool and the fabric it creates. By putting wool into the minds of England’s future fashion designers, Wool4School encourages students’ to think innovatively and creatively.


St Peter’s Year 12 students, Willow Robinson and Emily Fazakarley, have entered this exciting competition by designing outfits for Rhianna and Madonna respectively. We wish them luck and hope to be reporting of their success in the future.