Year 7 Biology Groups

We have thoroughly enjoyed leading all three Year 7 Biology groups during our two years in Sixth Form. There have been many highlights from this experience for us, such as the heart dissections where we were able to explain the key components of the heart whilst giving hands-on experience with practical elements of biology. This experience also led to us getting the opportunity to engage with other pupils lower down the school that we otherwise wouldn’t get. Through the club we have been able to build relationships with the all the groups and have felt a sense of community with them. Importantly, this experience has also provided us with transferable skills, as we were given the opportunity to convey our A Level knowledge to younger students in an effective and engaging way. This is something that we will be beneficial to our further studies and careers. We have however, unfortunately decided that we will have to stop running the club for the remainder of this year as we have our A Level exams soon approaching, so need to concentrate on revision. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and for everyone that took part in making the experience so wonderful. We hope that next year’s prefects will carry on this practice and get as much from the experience as we have.


Charlie-Jayne Watts and Bronson Carrasco, Year 13