School Uniform

Uniform is regarded as an integral part of the ethos at St Peter’s, helping to foster feelings of school identity and pride. We expect parents to co-operate in maintaining high standards of presentation. In cases of any dispute, the Headteacher’s decision is final. All items of uniform and equipment should be clearly named.


Uniform list


Compulsory. (A pullover cannot replace a blazer at any time.) Navy blue with school badge. Badges are available for purchase from the school office.


Optional. Only the official Navy blue V-necked pullover with a school badge. All other types of tops, including sweatshirts, tracksuits, hooded tops or crew-neck jumpers are not allowed.


Black in a style suitable for school. Trainers, boots or plimsolls must not be worn in or to and from school. Fashion shoes are not suitable and are considered to be a health and safety risk. If in any doubt parents should contact school for advice before making a purchase. There must be no patterns/colours or logos on these shoes.


Excluding those worn for Religious reasons, these must only be worn in cold weather to and from school and not indoors.


Outer coats or outer fleece jackets (plain dark colour) when worn must be practical and worn outside the blazer.


Hair must be in a conventional style and natural colour. Extreme styles and colours are not acceptable. If in any doubt parents must consult the school for advice. In cases of dispute the Headteacher’s decision will be final.

Uniform list specific to Boys


White school shirt. Students must not wear a t-shirt/vest underneath which can be seen. The shirt should be kept tucked in at all times.


Mid-grey. These should not be of cotton, jean-type style or design.


School design only, available from the school outfitters or the school office.


Plain dark colour.


No jewellery of any sort is allowed.

Uniform list specific to Girls


Blue/White, long/short sleeves. Students must not wear a t-shirt/vest underneath which can be seen.


Mid-grey fully pleated skirt (no flat panels), length no shorter than knee, with the school logo. Mid-grey trousers with school logo.


Socks should be of one plain colour either white, black or navy. Tights should be black only, not patterned. Socks or tights must be worn at all times.


No jewellery on the body or face is allowed except for one plain stud in each ear lobe. No make-up of any kind is to be worn, including nail varnish (or false/ acrylic nails).


*Clothing available through our uniform suppliers

School uniform is available from

Stevensons (148-150 Seabourne Rd, Bournemouth BH5 2JA Tel. 01202 425192)

Stevensons Uniform Price List Sevenson’s student appointments now live!

School Uniform – Supply Update August 2020


CJI Clothing (886 Wimborne Road Moordown Bournemouth BH9 2DR Tel. 01202 513387)

Note from CJI Clothing: As it stands, we are only allowing a maximum of two members per household in the store. Please make sure that you don’t leave uniform buying until the last minute as we won’t be able to accommodate the amount of parents we usually serve in the last few days of the holidays, due to social distancing.

We are extending our opening hours from 9am to 8pm starting from Monday 3 August. These hours will be Monday to Thursday. Fridays we will open 9-6pm, Saturdays 9-5pm and Sundays 10-3pm. We are doing everything we can to ensure all children are able to get their school uniform. We are extending our returns policy to 60 days as we understand people will be returning items due to not being able to try them on in the store.


QDOS (24 Montague Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH5 2EP Tel. 01202 434233)